Hello!!!! I have recently been asked by some of you where Sanguesita is. Honestly i don’t feel that i personally relate as much to her these days (you can say i am THE QUEEN of moodiness). After thinking about it, i realized that i missed drawing and let the pen guide me. And i came up with a Sanguesita 2.0. So here she is! I don’t want to promise that i will be doing a drawing a day, but i will try. A bit of dayly drawing discipline can’t hurt!  

I hope you like her :) 





Hey!!! I am so happy to be sharing with you my first steps into building my first mini capsule collection. Going through this process really took me back to my university days. I realized that I had forgotten how exciting this is. It also made me realize that I am not sure about how I want to use the Sanguesita platform. For the last 2 years it has evolved in many different ways, which showed me that I am personally still in a “figuring-out” process.

At the end, what matters to me, is how much fun I am having, and how happy and excited this makes me feel. In this “episode” I am sharing some my drawing or sketching process. It is the most exciting part of my fashion journey. To me this is when your ideas become a reality. I always have so many designs having fun dancing in my little brain. I can always envision them but nothing beats putting them on paper.

This is when I figure out if the idea was strong enough as a look and as beautiful as I imagined. It is also the part where I refine it, and get deeper into the outfit’s detail. I then start coloring them in the fabrics I have seen or been inspired by. At that step I decide whether or not it really works for myself. Once I am done I usually find myself just starring at the sketches, which I want to grab and run to the fabric store with.

This is what I will doing today. Since it is Friday, which is the day off in Qatar, I have to wait until 4PM for the fabric stores to open. I want time to fly!!! It never does when you really need or want to ahaha. I will keep you posted on what I find!!

Have a wonderful Friday!!!




Boyfriend What??


Outfit: jeans from Zara

Shirt from Massimo Dutti (men)

Shoes from Toms

Bags from Givenchy

Sunglasses from Ray Ban

Hey!!! I hope you had a super weekend the same way I did, full of food and happy people. When lunch time approached, I realized, that I again was in a casual and cozy mood. To fill this style craving, I decided to wear my boyfriend shirt. Please note that I didn’t grab an oversized shirt that has the look of a boyfriend shirt. I literarily stole my boyfriend's shirt. The one difference there is with an oversized shirt, is the length of the sleeves. I just love how I look like a zombie going for lunch. I made sure to make the look a bit girly by wearing floral printed shoes paired with a fuchsia bag. Since the color palette was soft, I preferred to choose a light color denim. The jeans raw edges added a bit of interest and texture to the look. It was also a way to get people’s to look all the way to the shoes.

What to remember when picking a look? Once you have figured out the mood you are in, try to translate it in style. To do so, think about color and texture that reflect it.



Work In Progress


Hey!!! I am so happy that i am getting closer to have my first pieces almost done. I have been experimenting and figuring out what i want and most importantly what can work. I haven't designed or done anything i have been trained to do during my university life for like 4 years. I needed to get the wheel going again. I hope the outcome will be as expected. I will keep you posted!!! 



Back In Time


Hey!!! This post is really about going back in time as i am wearing a 70's inspired outfit, and didn't post for a few days. I have been feeling very weird for a few days, which ended up with the craziest migraine i have ever had. The pic really represents how i felt and wanted to cut off my head to get rid of the pain. Anyway, I thought i'd share that outfit because I absolutely love it. I got this flarred pants a few weeks ago and love the retro vibes it has. The flarred cut and the rough denim edge is just a match made in heaven. I decided to stay in the 70's vibe by pairing it with old school Stan Smith. When wearing such outfit i think it is important to keep in mind what you want people to look at, and what you them to remember. That's why i wore a simple black light knit top. I also think that balance is important. To equalize the look i tided a small scarf and styled it like a choker. It added to the retro vibe and the print was a nice touch to a plain outfit. It also made the look a bit more elegant or it would have been too casual. I don't like to leave the house feeling that my look isn't completely finished. I don't really have a rule for dressing up. I follow my guts and try to think of blance in terms of color, texture, print and shape. One of each spread in one outfit should be a winner look. The one secret i have, is to have one conducting element. If you realize i wear black in almost all these items and that's the conductor for this look. It ties it all up!!!