Sunday Blues


Whole outfit from Zara!

Hey!!! It is always difficult to imagine starting the week when I had a super cool and chilled weekend. Without realizing I dressed in pretty much all blue and just broke the outfit with a white pair of jeans. It is not usually a color I wear from head to toe and I don’t own many blue items (apart from jeans ofc!!!). It made me wondered why I picked an all blue look and here is what I came up with:

What’s Sunday Blues?

Normally it is called Monday Blues. Since I live in Qatar and our weekends start Thursday night and end on Saturday night, I changed its name to fit our lifestyle in Arabia. Basically, that’s the moment you are chilling and realize that tomorrow is Sunday which means you have got work the next day. On top of that, you also remember that half of the world will still be on weekend, and that’s depressing.

How To Prevent it?

I always try to trick my brain and make it think that it will be happy. I have read that if you manage to convince yourself of something, you will end up believing it. And I do two things to prevent the Sunday downer. Firstly I make sure to get enough sleep and wake up early, so I don’t start in a rush, and arrive to the office peacefully. The second thing I do, is preparing what I will wear. I usually decide in the morning or on the spot what I will wear, except for Sundays. Liking what I will wear is going to motivate me out of bed. So keep in mind “dress for success”!!!.

Positive Blues

Thanks to the clothes I chose I had a super good and productive Sunday. I made sure to pick a comfortable and cozy look. I wanted to have a homey feel while in the office. I am lucky to work in the fashion industry, so I can pretty much whatever I want. A blue loose stripped shirt with blue velvet dots paired with a white skinny and stretchy jeans which I covered with a dark blue cardigan made Sanguesita HAPPY. I wanted to fell free in every kind of movement not feel claustrophobic my clothes. The blue and white color theme brought the light and energy I required. Blue conveys calmness, serenity and coolness, while white is assimilated to purity and wholeness. Exactly what I needed!!!




Denim LOVE


Outfit (or just shirt) from Zara


Hey!!! I ended my weekend in a super cool vibe, and went for an outdoor lunch at WDoha. To be honest it was a bit too hot but I realized once it was too late. I must say that I was happy to be wearing my denim shirt, and here is why:

The Fabric

As denim is constituted of cotton it makes it a very breathable fabric which is exactly what you should be looking for in a shirt for hot days. Finding good cotton shirt became more accessible than it was in the past, you don’t have to spend so much for a good denim light and airy shirt. What I love the most is the soft feel the fabric has. Sometimes it almost feels like silk on the skin, without all the inconvenient of it.

The Cut

I had to be smart about dressing up because I knew I was going to eat like a monster. I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable when my belly would start sending me signs of distress from the amount of food it is getting. So in order to eat as much as I wanted I picked a super oversized shirt. In seriousness a loose silhouette was perfect just for such hot days to guarantee good air circulation and benefit 100% from the fabric’s attributes.

The Look

Unfortunately I was too full to stand up and take full pictures of the outfit, but you can see from the pics that it is a bit more than just a simple jeans shirt. I didn’t want the look to be too plain and needed to have some sort of interest from head to toe. The side ruffle was the perfect touch of interest and made a denim shirt a bit feminine. I paired it with a cropped and loose black pants to show my printed black and white trainers (which I forgot to photograph).

I ended up as much as I mentioned and finished the day with a 1h30 nap to be able to continue my day. It was all worth it and I wished I had a jeans overall from how comfy and soft that fabric was.



Shopping Time!!!


Outfit: legging and black sweater from Nike

Oversized denim jacket from Zara

Shoes from Jimmy Choo

Bag from Gucci


Hey!!! I had a few errands to run yesterday which included grocery shopping. You may understand that achieving this goal required some serious motivation, and was the key to a happy and successful weekend. To create the needed energy, I picked a sporty look as if I was going to the gym to motivate myself. Here are the reasons why I think it is this style is the best for running errands:

Looking healthy

Not to kid anyone I have been saying to myself, for probably 4 months now, that I should go back to exercising. I at least try to eat as healthy as possible during the week. To match what was in my shopping cart, I had to wear my gym outfit (because my body doesn’t support me much on that side). Since I do the grocery shopping for the week, I have to go through almost every alley. Can we agree it is a workout?

Print matters

I picked my geometric camouflage legging for a few reasons, apart from being the most comfortable thing in my closet. First it added a bit of life in my very plain outfit, which would have ended up being all black if I had picked something else. I really try to stay away from black, because I love it so much that I wouldn’t mind wearing it every day. The second is that I am very clumsy. So as I knew I was going to have some sort of food break (which is beyond a must) it saves me in case something falls of while I am eating. That’s how you test how good your camouflage print is.

Jeans forever

Wearing jeans will always be a good idea. It is the kind of fabric that matches everything. I felt I needed that extra layer because malls in Qatar tend to be beyond freezing, and I really didn’t want to risk being sick during the weekend. And that jeans oversized jacket is just too cool. This way I look like a cool person who exercises, which makes me even more cool!! Ahaha

Even though wearing active wear outside going to the gym is slowly fading off, I still truly believe it is super practical. Since comfort is important to me, I don’t really care. I also don’t care if a trend is over. I will always wear what makes me feel good and what I like.

Back At It


Pictures taken at Souq Al Dera (next to Souq Waqif)

Jeans & Jacket from Zara

Shoes are from Adidas


Hey!!! I am happily writing this blog from my balcony under Doha’s sun (which is finally back). I kind of want to go the beach though but work first, because I am working on an exciting project for myself. As some of you may know, I graduated from VCU’s Fashion department almost 5 years ago. I left the design aspect of this industry, or took a break from it because I wanted to understand better the business side of it. But I have been seriously missing designing for a few reasons:

Being a buyer

Being a fashion buyer for a big department store is amazing because I am traveling every other week, to decide on what we will have in store in the coming months. To be honest it is a dream job, but it makes shopping so boring. I am sure you are wondering why? Well, when you are exposed to new clothes and therefore next year’s trends, you are ready to wear them now. But guess what? There are not in store yet anywhere!!! It is the nightmare of being a buyer. If only I could steal of the clothes I see in showrooms ahaha just kidding.

Being a messenger

Not being able to find what makes me happy in store, made me realize how much I missed designing. I miss expressing myself through my designs and share my emotions in some way. I am true believer that Fashion is the best way to express yourself. The beauty of this industry is that there are no rules and many mediums through which you can do so, and mine is by making clothes and taking photos.


I didn’t think I was going to be working in a company for this long, and that by now I would have my platform to share my passion. Of course I can’t really leave my job, because I need to eat (because food is way too important to me) but most importantly because I love it. So I have decided to try and do both. I started designing again, and will be making a few pieces that I have been thinking about for a while. These pieces are way to complete my wardrobe. Every day when I dress up, I feel I am missing something and so why not make them then?

The Souq

I am lucky to live in Doha, where we have a fantastic fabric souq. There is literally every kind of fabrics and prints you could imagine. I love going there because it inspires me so much and I feel so good when I am surrounded by fabrics. It is my element. I went there last night and just bought a few meters of fabrics to start with. As mentioned earlier I haven’t designed for 5 years and so don’t want to go too crazy or make it too complicated from the beginning. Hopefully it will turn out as I have imagined!!

I am really excited about this and sharing it, but I am a shy person too. That’s why I express myself through my designs and I really hope you will understand and appreciate them.






Kaki Is The New Black


Outfit: leggings from Mango

Tank top from Gap

Oversized top from Zara

Sneaker from Jimmy Choo

Hey!!! One of my favorite style of the last few seasons is Sport Luxe. Sport Luxe is basically the combination of active wear and street wear in a stylish, relaxed and comfortable approach. What is amazing with this trend is that it has been constantly evolving during the last few months and even traditional fashion houses are embracing it. It has no boundaries and gives you full room for experimenting which is why I love it. I try to keep a few “rules” when I style up a Sport Luxe look and here are my tips:

Keep it simple

Sport Luxe is all about being minimalist with a straight forward statement. Think about it as a sophisticated street wear look. If you realized I just picked a black pair of legging, a black tank top and an oversized baseball lace sweater. I paired the look with total white sneakers to breakout from the black which added a point of interest. This way you are guaranteed that people will look from head to toe!


Active wear really rhymes with black. The simple reason for it, is that you will appear slimmer than you are and still be super stylish and elegant. The base of my outfit was total black and since kaki is the new black, can we agree that it still falls under the monochrome category?? Hehe

Be bold

Since Sport Luxe is very minimalist, so don’t hesitate to take risks. At the end of the day remember that you are trying to share a fashion statement. For this look I focused on two things: the lace and the knit rib. I really liked how the lace was clashing with the active wear feel and added a touch of femininity, especially because it is an oversized top. The second one is the rib. This detail is a nice recall of the sport feel and in particular baseball. It also added a touch of white, which lighted up the look and added a new texture.

I must admit that I had a super cool day in this outfit as it mixes functionality and coolness. The dynamic of the look melted onto my mood and I was super productive at work. As you may know by now, comfort is really important to me, and I must say that Sport Luxe is made for Sanguesita!!!! It is a match made in heaven.