Shopping Time!!!


Outfit: legging and black sweater from Nike

Oversized denim jacket from Zara

Shoes from Jimmy Choo

Bag from Gucci


Hey!!! I had a few errands to run yesterday which included grocery shopping. You may understand that achieving this goal required some serious motivation, and was the key to a happy and successful weekend. To create the needed energy, I picked a sporty look as if I was going to the gym to motivate myself. Here are the reasons why I think it is this style is the best for running errands:

Looking healthy

Not to kid anyone I have been saying to myself, for probably 4 months now, that I should go back to exercising. I at least try to eat as healthy as possible during the week. To match what was in my shopping cart, I had to wear my gym outfit (because my body doesn’t support me much on that side). Since I do the grocery shopping for the week, I have to go through almost every alley. Can we agree it is a workout?

Print matters

I picked my geometric camouflage legging for a few reasons, apart from being the most comfortable thing in my closet. First it added a bit of life in my very plain outfit, which would have ended up being all black if I had picked something else. I really try to stay away from black, because I love it so much that I wouldn’t mind wearing it every day. The second is that I am very clumsy. So as I knew I was going to have some sort of food break (which is beyond a must) it saves me in case something falls of while I am eating. That’s how you test how good your camouflage print is.

Jeans forever

Wearing jeans will always be a good idea. It is the kind of fabric that matches everything. I felt I needed that extra layer because malls in Qatar tend to be beyond freezing, and I really didn’t want to risk being sick during the weekend. And that jeans oversized jacket is just too cool. This way I look like a cool person who exercises, which makes me even more cool!! Ahaha

Even though wearing active wear outside going to the gym is slowly fading off, I still truly believe it is super practical. Since comfort is important to me, I don’t really care. I also don’t care if a trend is over. I will always wear what makes me feel good and what I like.