Denim LOVE


Outfit (or just shirt) from Zara


Hey!!! I ended my weekend in a super cool vibe, and went for an outdoor lunch at WDoha. To be honest it was a bit too hot but I realized once it was too late. I must say that I was happy to be wearing my denim shirt, and here is why:

The Fabric

As denim is constituted of cotton it makes it a very breathable fabric which is exactly what you should be looking for in a shirt for hot days. Finding good cotton shirt became more accessible than it was in the past, you don’t have to spend so much for a good denim light and airy shirt. What I love the most is the soft feel the fabric has. Sometimes it almost feels like silk on the skin, without all the inconvenient of it.

The Cut

I had to be smart about dressing up because I knew I was going to eat like a monster. I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable when my belly would start sending me signs of distress from the amount of food it is getting. So in order to eat as much as I wanted I picked a super oversized shirt. In seriousness a loose silhouette was perfect just for such hot days to guarantee good air circulation and benefit 100% from the fabric’s attributes.

The Look

Unfortunately I was too full to stand up and take full pictures of the outfit, but you can see from the pics that it is a bit more than just a simple jeans shirt. I didn’t want the look to be too plain and needed to have some sort of interest from head to toe. The side ruffle was the perfect touch of interest and made a denim shirt a bit feminine. I paired it with a cropped and loose black pants to show my printed black and white trainers (which I forgot to photograph).

I ended up as much as I mentioned and finished the day with a 1h30 nap to be able to continue my day. It was all worth it and I wished I had a jeans overall from how comfy and soft that fabric was.