Sunday Blues


Whole outfit from Zara!

Hey!!! It is always difficult to imagine starting the week when I had a super cool and chilled weekend. Without realizing I dressed in pretty much all blue and just broke the outfit with a white pair of jeans. It is not usually a color I wear from head to toe and I don’t own many blue items (apart from jeans ofc!!!). It made me wondered why I picked an all blue look and here is what I came up with:

What’s Sunday Blues?

Normally it is called Monday Blues. Since I live in Qatar and our weekends start Thursday night and end on Saturday night, I changed its name to fit our lifestyle in Arabia. Basically, that’s the moment you are chilling and realize that tomorrow is Sunday which means you have got work the next day. On top of that, you also remember that half of the world will still be on weekend, and that’s depressing.

How To Prevent it?

I always try to trick my brain and make it think that it will be happy. I have read that if you manage to convince yourself of something, you will end up believing it. And I do two things to prevent the Sunday downer. Firstly I make sure to get enough sleep and wake up early, so I don’t start in a rush, and arrive to the office peacefully. The second thing I do, is preparing what I will wear. I usually decide in the morning or on the spot what I will wear, except for Sundays. Liking what I will wear is going to motivate me out of bed. So keep in mind “dress for success”!!!.

Positive Blues

Thanks to the clothes I chose I had a super good and productive Sunday. I made sure to pick a comfortable and cozy look. I wanted to have a homey feel while in the office. I am lucky to work in the fashion industry, so I can pretty much whatever I want. A blue loose stripped shirt with blue velvet dots paired with a white skinny and stretchy jeans which I covered with a dark blue cardigan made Sanguesita HAPPY. I wanted to fell free in every kind of movement not feel claustrophobic my clothes. The blue and white color theme brought the light and energy I required. Blue conveys calmness, serenity and coolness, while white is assimilated to purity and wholeness. Exactly what I needed!!!