Back In Time


Hey!!! This post is really about going back in time as i am wearing a 70's inspired outfit, and didn't post for a few days. I have been feeling very weird for a few days, which ended up with the craziest migraine i have ever had. The pic really represents how i felt and wanted to cut off my head to get rid of the pain. Anyway, I thought i'd share that outfit because I absolutely love it. I got this flarred pants a few weeks ago and love the retro vibes it has. The flarred cut and the rough denim edge is just a match made in heaven. I decided to stay in the 70's vibe by pairing it with old school Stan Smith. When wearing such outfit i think it is important to keep in mind what you want people to look at, and what you them to remember. That's why i wore a simple black light knit top. I also think that balance is important. To equalize the look i tided a small scarf and styled it like a choker. It added to the retro vibe and the print was a nice touch to a plain outfit. It also made the look a bit more elegant or it would have been too casual. I don't like to leave the house feeling that my look isn't completely finished. I don't really have a rule for dressing up. I follow my guts and try to think of blance in terms of color, texture, print and shape. One of each spread in one outfit should be a winner look. The one secret i have, is to have one conducting element. If you realize i wear black in almost all these items and that's the conductor for this look. It ties it all up!!!