Back To Basics


Outfit: Shirt and Jacket from Zara

Denim from 7 For All Mankind

Shoes from Chiara Ferragni

Hey!!! Today I decided to tell you why I am the ambassador of BASIC looks. As Coco Chanel said “SIMPLICITY is the key of all true elegance”. I really don’t believe in over trying or over doing, to look and feel good. To be honest, if you pick your basics well, you will end up with endless options because everything goes together. However, there are a few tricks in how to pick your basics when you go shopping. The one thing to focus on is colors. For basics stay in the neutral color palette (beige, nude, grey, kaki…) and avoid trendy or seasonal colors. You will love them when you are in the store because they are everywhere, and you will also think that you will love them forever. Trust me, you won’t.

These days the weather has been so weird in the Qatar, as we are transferring from winter (if we can call it winter) to spring. One day is hot, the other is cold and same story with the sun. My solution was to go basic, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong and used my Fashion Formula:

+1 Basic (this time I used 2: jeans + white shirt)

+1 Interest piece (textured and shiny shoes)

+1 Completer piece (a cotton kaki jacket)

To make the look standout a bit, there two items to focus on. First, the shoes. I truly believe that people will judge you or have a quick idea of you are when they see your shoes. And it is a nice way to add a bit of fun in a settle way. The other item is the “complete piece”, which in this case was the kaki jacket. It adds structure to the look and some sort of formality which is perfect for work. Of course fashion isn’t just about formulas and rules. It is a way to construct your look if needed, but I am true believer in following your instincts as well. Eventually I ended up having a very good day because I felt good in what I was wearing. It is important to me because my moods get affected by how I feel in my skin, but hey that’s just me and it works for me! Let me know if you think it works for you or what is your way of building a simple basic outfit.