Boyfriend What??


Outfit: jeans from Zara

Shirt from Massimo Dutti (men)

Shoes from Toms

Bags from Givenchy

Sunglasses from Ray Ban

Hey!!! I hope you had a super weekend the same way I did, full of food and happy people. When lunch time approached, I realized, that I again was in a casual and cozy mood. To fill this style craving, I decided to wear my boyfriend shirt. Please note that I didn’t grab an oversized shirt that has the look of a boyfriend shirt. I literarily stole my boyfriend's shirt. The one difference there is with an oversized shirt, is the length of the sleeves. I just love how I look like a zombie going for lunch. I made sure to make the look a bit girly by wearing floral printed shoes paired with a fuchsia bag. Since the color palette was soft, I preferred to choose a light color denim. The jeans raw edges added a bit of interest and texture to the look. It was also a way to get people’s to look all the way to the shoes.

What to remember when picking a look? Once you have figured out the mood you are in, try to translate it in style. To do so, think about color and texture that reflect it.