Indoor Fun


Hey!!! Waking up with a mini flu and a lot of work ahead, made me want to dress up in my blanket. So i picked my favorite and most cozy cardigan, which i got two years ago, and i am still in love with it as i was the first day. Ok let's stop the romance and let's have fun. As i had a lot of work, i kind of forgot to go out of the office on time to catch the last minutes of day light and take some pictures. On top of that, the weather was so bad that I couldn't have stayed out to take some photos be ause we have sand storm. Dust amd flu aren't a match made in heaven, so i decided to have fun indoor. And here is the result of a weird moody day which still ended being fun. I am true believer of being able to have fun and move freely when you feel comfortable in your clothes. Here is the result of a casual denim and black and white upper part. Don't blame me for being a weirdo please!!!