Back At It


Pictures taken at Souq Al Dera (next to Souq Waqif)

Jeans & Jacket from Zara

Shoes are from Adidas


Hey!!! I am happily writing this blog from my balcony under Doha’s sun (which is finally back). I kind of want to go the beach though but work first, because I am working on an exciting project for myself. As some of you may know, I graduated from VCU’s Fashion department almost 5 years ago. I left the design aspect of this industry, or took a break from it because I wanted to understand better the business side of it. But I have been seriously missing designing for a few reasons:

Being a buyer

Being a fashion buyer for a big department store is amazing because I am traveling every other week, to decide on what we will have in store in the coming months. To be honest it is a dream job, but it makes shopping so boring. I am sure you are wondering why? Well, when you are exposed to new clothes and therefore next year’s trends, you are ready to wear them now. But guess what? There are not in store yet anywhere!!! It is the nightmare of being a buyer. If only I could steal of the clothes I see in showrooms ahaha just kidding.

Being a messenger

Not being able to find what makes me happy in store, made me realize how much I missed designing. I miss expressing myself through my designs and share my emotions in some way. I am true believer that Fashion is the best way to express yourself. The beauty of this industry is that there are no rules and many mediums through which you can do so, and mine is by making clothes and taking photos.


I didn’t think I was going to be working in a company for this long, and that by now I would have my platform to share my passion. Of course I can’t really leave my job, because I need to eat (because food is way too important to me) but most importantly because I love it. So I have decided to try and do both. I started designing again, and will be making a few pieces that I have been thinking about for a while. These pieces are way to complete my wardrobe. Every day when I dress up, I feel I am missing something and so why not make them then?

The Souq

I am lucky to live in Doha, where we have a fantastic fabric souq. There is literally every kind of fabrics and prints you could imagine. I love going there because it inspires me so much and I feel so good when I am surrounded by fabrics. It is my element. I went there last night and just bought a few meters of fabrics to start with. As mentioned earlier I haven’t designed for 5 years and so don’t want to go too crazy or make it too complicated from the beginning. Hopefully it will turn out as I have imagined!!

I am really excited about this and sharing it, but I am a shy person too. That’s why I express myself through my designs and I really hope you will understand and appreciate them.