Peace & Love


I really wish for Peace & Love in the world these days. Today i am not going to post images about my looks like i usually do because i woke up with the biggest migraine. It made my day very complicated and made me feel down. So down that i stayed the whole morning in my hotel room instead of going to work. So i watched the news. I usually don't because i stopped doing so last year and today was a good reminder of why. Whenever i do, i end up feeling weird but very useless as well. I have also realized that Fashion has become very political. I always thought i was in an industry that could make things change and go forward. And today i came across this very feminine mood board at the Alberta Ferretti headquarters in Milan, as well as this powerful window sticker on the Diesel shop in Milan. I am still figuring out a lot of things and i am experimenting with this blog. I hope it will help me find that voice i can hear and feel inside myself. I wish to change, even if a little, somehow this (sorry to say) stupid situation. These days i see that many designers are inspired by the 70's. That's when Freedom was at its peak. I will try to remember this everyday and persue this further. 

With Love & Peace!