Saturday Junk


Oops i did it again!!!!! I try to eat as well or healthy as i can during the week, but it don't last too long. And yesterday the weather was so bad that i needed a mood booster. Nothing does it better than the smiling star. I went crazy and i had a huge meal which i ate in a record time, that's how much of a fat ass i can be ahahaha!!! Maybe this will help me convincing myself to actually start exercising again. I haven't been doing so since my last buying trip, and to be honest i am really starting to see and feel the consequences of it. So thank you Hardees but if we want to stay friends, i gotta find a way to eliminate you (physically ofc!!!). I am too addicted too junk food to forget you, but i gotta get sports addicted now. So off i go to work and hopefully will manage to get in a workout before bedtime!! Have a wonderful and healthy day!!!