Kaki Is The New Black


Outfit: leggings from Mango

Tank top from Gap

Oversized top from Zara

Sneaker from Jimmy Choo

Hey!!! One of my favorite style of the last few seasons is Sport Luxe. Sport Luxe is basically the combination of active wear and street wear in a stylish, relaxed and comfortable approach. What is amazing with this trend is that it has been constantly evolving during the last few months and even traditional fashion houses are embracing it. It has no boundaries and gives you full room for experimenting which is why I love it. I try to keep a few “rules” when I style up a Sport Luxe look and here are my tips:

Keep it simple

Sport Luxe is all about being minimalist with a straight forward statement. Think about it as a sophisticated street wear look. If you realized I just picked a black pair of legging, a black tank top and an oversized baseball lace sweater. I paired the look with total white sneakers to breakout from the black which added a point of interest. This way you are guaranteed that people will look from head to toe!


Active wear really rhymes with black. The simple reason for it, is that you will appear slimmer than you are and still be super stylish and elegant. The base of my outfit was total black and since kaki is the new black, can we agree that it still falls under the monochrome category?? Hehe

Be bold

Since Sport Luxe is very minimalist, so don’t hesitate to take risks. At the end of the day remember that you are trying to share a fashion statement. For this look I focused on two things: the lace and the knit rib. I really liked how the lace was clashing with the active wear feel and added a touch of femininity, especially because it is an oversized top. The second one is the rib. This detail is a nice recall of the sport feel and in particular baseball. It also added a touch of white, which lighted up the look and added a new texture.

I must admit that I had a super cool day in this outfit as it mixes functionality and coolness. The dynamic of the look melted onto my mood and I was super productive at work. As you may know by now, comfort is really important to me, and I must say that Sport Luxe is made for Sanguesita!!!! It is a match made in heaven.